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    Sijia Airtight Materials | The Ideal Material for Temporary Inflatable Tents

    2020-03-11    Source:    Hit:157

        According to Roman media reports, due to the large number of patients rushing to thehospital, the amount of beds being in an emergency, Italy began to buildtemporary inflatable tents for more patients at the entrances of hospitals.

        Sijia airtightmaterials are important materials of inflatable tent. Inflatable tents are alsocalled airtight tents. They use air pressure to expand the airbag into a rigidcolumn, and the tent’s framework is supported by an organic combination, whichbrings the advantages of waterproof, portable and small. Also, it can beapplied to the wild and rescue missions.

        Sijia airtightmaterials, as the name suggests, have a high degree of airtightness to preventthe air from leaking out. The products made of Sijia airtight material can meetthe long-term need without air leakage.

        The surface of Sijiaairtight materials is coated with at least four layers of PVC. These layers bringSijia airtight materials a lot of benefits, good air tightness, flexibility, wearresistance, weather resistance, tear resistance, UV resistance, etc., which arewell used in inflatable tents and can also be used for processing disinfected special tents.

        Sijia airtightmaterials have passed the safety tests of European and American countries, sothey are often used in the processing of recreational facilities, such as waterparks, fishing boats, kayaks, rafting boats. Even the assault boats and liferafts, Sijia airtight materials are applied to a wide range of applications.

        Sijia airtightmaterials are suitable for both land and water. High airtightness is the bestinterpretation of quality; wear resistance, UV resistance, weather resistanceand other properties give materials higher added value.

        In the past 18years, Scarlett has beenfocusing on theR&D and production of new materialproducts to providecustomers withadvanced quality services.

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