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    Sijia Group Speeds Up Introducing Equipment for Production of Epidemic Isolation Cabin Materials

    2020-03-10    Source:    Hit:145

        According to the latest data from WHO, there are currently more than100,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus worldwide. Globally, the number ofepidemic cases has surged, which is a serious challenge for epidemic preventionand control. In order to fully support the global epidemic prevention, Sijiahas sped up introducing equipment for the production of epidemic isolationcabin materials, and improve the production capacity of preventive and controlmaterials.

        On March 7, the isolation cabin materials were sent into Sijia plantand completed installation, which will promote the further expansion of theproduction capacity and provide more products with excellent quality to fill globalmarket gaps. Also, it will build up security barriers for the front-line helpersand contribute to medical treatment for infected people.

        In fact, the use of the materials produced by Sijia is not limited. Itcan also be used for the processing and production of products with highantibacterial requirements such as medical mattresses, civilian protectiveclothing, medical incubator products, and drinking water bags.

        During the coronavirus outbreak, the measures of isolating and blockingthe transmission of the virus have played a huge effect in China. Under the situationof global epidemic, enterprises, an important part of the protection andisolation work, can effectively alleviate the shortage of front-line protectivematerials by promote the production capacity the prevention and control ofmaterials.

        In order to keep up with demand, Sijia not only sped up theintroduction of production equipment for epidemic isolation cabins, but alsoactively coordinated the supply of upstream raw materials and the availabilityof production line employees. Fuzhou Human Resources and Social SecurityBureau, Jinan District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and otherfunctional departments also actively assist Sijia in coordinating recruitmentmatters. With the help of them, Sijia will provide customers with betterefficiency and quality, and do what Sijia can do to support global epidemicprevention work.

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