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    Medical Benefits of Sijia TPU Environment-friendly Materials

    2020-03-09    Source:    Hit:149

        Under the epidemic, the contradiction between supply and demand offront-line medical supplies is very prominent. Especially with the spread ofthe global epidemic, the lack of medical products is increasing day by day. Afew weeks ago, Sijia urgently resumed production of antibacterial PVC and TPUmaterials for medical isolation cabins used in Wuhan front-line treatment.However, besides being used as a part of isolation cabins, do you know the othervarious functions of Sijia TPU environment-friendly materials?


        The medical bed plays an important role in preventing and treating thecomplications of patients both in medical and household use, and the medicalmattress, as an essential part of the medical bed, also plays a vital role inthe treatment of patients so its material selection is more stringent. 

        Sijia environment-friendly TPU film material and nylon/oxford TPU tarpaulinmaterial  meet the environmentalprotection tests such as REACh, RoHS, and PAHs. Due to the advanced benefits of environmental-friendly, safe and antisepsis, the materials have also beenpurchased by many downstream medical device manufacturers for the processingand production of medical mattresses and medical incubators. Sijia TPU materialhas become the treasure of medical device production with its outstandingperformance advantages.


        Because of its food-grade safety and environmental performance, Sijia environmental-friendlyTPU film material is also used in the production of drinking water bags, food-gradeaprons, infants’ bibs and other products required higher environmentalprotection level. 

        The features of Sijia TPU materials, high transparency, hydrolysisresistance, solvent resistance, high elasticity, high strength, flameresistance, high and low temperature resistance and good abrasion resistance, havealso given them a wider range of applications, which is including Inflatablerafts, tents, oil storage bags, luggage, waterproof bags and other products, andhave shown excellent results.

         Sijia TPU material, with the outstanding environmental advantage andantisepsis, is the best choice for medical product processing.

        In the past 18years, Scarlett has been focusing on theR&D and production of new materialproducts to provide customers withadvanced quality services.

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