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    Sijia assisted the building of Wuhan Medical Waste Disposal Emergency Center with tent materials

    2020-03-05    Source:    Hit:125

    According tomedia reports, the amount of medical waste in Wuhan during the epidemicincreased to about three times as much as usual, which caused the disposal ofmedical waste has become the focus of attention, especially infectious wastesuch as disposable medical supplies. Therefore, the construction efficiency of themedical waste disposal emergency center has become a top priority.

    Recently, on theconstruction site located on Mt Qianzi in Wuhan, a medical waste disposalemergency center, occupied more than 3000 square meters, was built within 5days. The medical waste disposal center used a prefabricated tent structure,which could complete large-scale construction and be ready for service in ashort term. The prefabricated tent of Zhuhai Liri Tent Technology, the clientof Sijia, was the designated application products of Wuhan Medical Waste DisposalEmergency Center. Meanwhile, the tent materials of Sijia has also assisted thisproject with an excellent performance and good application effect.

    Temporary constructionsgenerally have strict requirements for the reusable, weatherability, strengthand other properties of materials. The PVC coated tent material of Sijia hasexcellent high-temperature resistance, cold resistance, oxidation resistance,weather resistance and light resistance, which can maintain a good appearanceand service life under the long-term high-temperature and strong lightirradiation. Also, It can be repeatedly cleaned and used for many times, in an economicand environment-friendly way.


    In addition tothe conventional PVC coating materials, the foam series of Sijia tent materialshas incomparable characteristics and advantages. With the foaming technology, thefoaming effect is even and delicate, which provides the material a fluffyphysical form and the excellent level of noise blocking, heat preservation andinsulation.

    The acrylic orPVDF treatment was applied on the material surface of Sijia foaming series tomake it smooth and achieve the advantages of easy cleaning, longer service lifeand multiple reuse. 

    The products madeof Sijia tent materials can achieve good application effects in various scenes.Besides the medical waste emergency disposal center, we also can see the applicationof Sijia tent materials in many exhibition venues, festival venues, largesports venues, warehouses and other construction sites.

    With excellentquality and stable performance, Sijia tent material is the best choice for tentconstruction. 

    In the past 18years, Scarlett has been focusing on the R&D and production of new materialproducts to provide customers with advanced quality services.

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